This tool will WOW you. It's quite possible the best tool to come along in a long time. The name Search It makes it sound like another search tool, but it's a lot more than that.

Search It! is the only ecommerce-related search resource that you (and your visitors, readers, friends and colleagues) will ever need. The gift that keeps on giving (i.e., searching), it has been designed to be used.

You will wonder how you ever did things on the internet without this tool. When it first came out, I ignored it because I thought it was just another search tool. When I finally tried it, I was amazed.

Click the link below and give this thing a try. It's free! You will wonder how somebody could allow people to use this tool for free. If the link doesn't work, just copy and paste the link to your browser and hit enter.

Below are some of the comments of people who have tried this wonderful tool...

What a cool tool, Ken.

- Henrik from


Wow!!! Cool! Thanks for sharing this only complete search tool! I know it will be used continuously. I have another great reason - I'm glad I chose SBI!!! Combining search tools (some of which I never knew existed before) to create a Mega Search Tool is awesome! Thank you! Thank you!

- Annette from


Cool tool. As we say here in Australia you've got a "severe case of the smarts".

- Kenneth from


Oh joy! At last, no more hopping around 16 different windows when researching business ideas. That is outstanding Ken, really top-notch.

- Lyndsay from


It really gave me a jolt of 'happy'. Got some great info on my target market that I had not even considered and it took no time at all to get it.

It just keeps getting better around here-------

- Helen from


I have just been trying out Search It and it is great.....

It just keeps getting better and better.

- Ray from


I'm speechless.

- Helene from


Excellent tool. Can give useful information. Will definitely help for brainstorming. New webmasters should try this tool before deciding the website theme. A fantastic tool to decide site theme.

- Vithal from


You've done it again - Search It is one of those 'thump your forehead with your palm and wonder why no-ne has done it before, while exclaiming "of course"' tools. It's brilliant.

- Kenny from


As usual you overdelivered! Another awesome tool, thanks!

- Donna from


Tried the Search It! new tool. Fantastic! I love it.

- Dagmar from

What more can I say?