This closed in 24 hours the last time it opened. I was lucky to get in. After using it the last months, below is my honest review of Niche Products Monthly...

I'm just going to dive in and tell you about Niche Products Monthly. I'm sure you can appreciate me not beating around the bush and throwing a bunch of crap your way.

The website I'm reviewing can be found here:
Niche Products Monthly
WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE MEMBERSHIP ITSELF ===============================================

The website owner 'claims' you get many things each month as part of your monthly membership. Things such as:

* 3 Private Label Products Each MONTH!
* 3 Salesletters To Each Of These Products
* 150 Private Label Articles Each Month
* 3 Brand New Adsense Websites
* 3 Five Part Email Series Per Niche!
* Thousands Of Tightly Focused Keywords
* Pre Written Ads For Google & Overture
* 5 Brand New Master Resell Right Products Each Month
* Discounted Internet Marketing Products
* Members Only Forum To Network

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by how much Jason actually gives each member. On top of the sheer quantity of products and content you receive, my biggest worry was that the information you'd get would be crap.

But, that's not the case. He has definitely raised the bar as far as other membership sites are concerned because not only do you get ALOT, but everything he gives is EXTREMELY top notch and is obviously written by professionals.

WHO EXACTLY IS THIS MEMBERSHIP FOR? ===============================================

There are three types of internet marketers in my opinion. They are:

* Beginner,
* Intermediate, and,
* Advanced

If you're a 'beginning' marketer, this is perfect for you. Jason truly gives you every single component you need to start a niche marketing business.

If you're an 'intermediate' marketer, this will help you get to where you want to be! Especially if you want to avoid the pain and frustration of finding hot and profitable niche markets AND preparing products that you can successfully market online.

If you're an 'advanced' marketer, then this is a goldmine for you! Since you already have an established business, you can literally "plug in" all what Jason has to offer and make easy money for years to come!

BOTTOM LINE - OVERALL RATING ===============================================

In my opinion, I think this offer is a complete 'no brainer'. On top of the extreme amount of items you receive every month as part of your membership, the quality of the products, Jason's a nice guy to boot.

He's extremely active in his forum so he's there to answer any questions you have about anything!

So overall, I honestly give this my highest recommendation and think you should seriously consider taking Jason up on his offer before he pulls the plug. See, he's put a 'cap' on how many people can be apart of his membership, so it's vital that you get in as SOON as you can to avoid the frustration of not locking in your spot!

Go now and secure your spot today!
Niche Products Monthly

Take Care,

Kenneth Echie

P.S. There are only 75 spots left. If you get there too late, I'm sorry!