Legal Disclaimer for Extra Income Ideas


The lawyers will feel better if I do this. So here it is!

The information on this web site was gathered from months of research on the internet. It relies on information from third parties that are believed to be reliable and accurate. There exist possibilities of mechanical and/or human error. The publisher and author are not responsible for such errors. The information is published "AS IS" and the user bears all responsibilities for its use. There are no warranties expressed or implied.

It is further stated that the publisher and author do not guarantee that the user of the web site will make money from the information contained herein. As with any business, the user may make more or less money.

The publisher and author are not legal or accounting experts. It is recommended that the user consult these experts and other required professionals or government agencies before commencing any business activities.

The above disclaimer also covers the newsletters, e-courses, and other correspondence that go with this web site.

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