Make part time or full time income with free, and low cost turnkey websites....

What's FREE/Low Cost/Turnkey Web Sites?

These are web sites that are already made, like online storefronts. They come pre-loaded with things for you to sell. Some on them are free.

The ones that cost money that I recommend here are under $100.00. Not to worry, I will show you how to make back this money. Remember our friendly Return On Investment (ROI):-)

The only thing I do not like about them is that they all look alike and search engines don't like it when too many web sites look the same. Also unless you are a webmaster, you can not change them to your own taste.

But don't let this stop you. You can still make good money with them.

My favorite free/low cost/turnkey web sites are:

1. PLUGINPROFIT: This is one of the best programs for making money online...period. It's 100% free and offers everything you need to earn a part-time or full-time income working from home using nothing more than your computer and a little common sense.

It comes pre-loaded with 360 days auto-responder series. This means your opt-in subscribers will get informative and well written articles for 360 days. If you are new to the internet, you know it is difficult to write your first article. The PluginProfit turnkey web site takes care of that for you.

The site also comes with day by day action guide to success. You follow the guide and you can't go wrong. I can't tell you enough how much I am impressed with mine and the money it is making me.

Please click here to join... PluginProfit

2. VSTORE: VStore is a free online storefront. You can open more than one store. Each store will have a different specialty. Examples are stores that specialize in electronics, gifts, jewelry, etc.

VStore commission percent is from 2% to 15%. They pay you monthly when your commission check reaches $25.00.

For those who believe in selling hard goods, VStore is an excellent way to go. The only thing is that they have long domain names that can be hard to remember. But if you are marketing online, this should not be a problem because all customers need to do online is click the link you give them. Click the above link to check out VStore.

For great VStore electronics bargains, click VStore Electronics

3. CBMall: CBMall is a low cost online storefront. For a one time fee of $47.00 you get to sell the top 1997 e-books, software, digital products offered by ClickBank. These products pay from 25% to 75% commission and are developed by some of the gurus in the business.

The storefront comes loaded with some of the top affiliate programs on the internet. You also have a tool where you can promote other affiliate programs or web sites.

CBMall has a marketing auto-responder newsletter that will have your links from time to time. You get to pocket the commission from the sales generated by these links.

The owner of CBMall currently sends traffic to your store for 30 days free. If you just sell one product that cost $100.00 with 50% commission, you get your Return On Investment.

To have a CBMall store, you will need to join ClickBank first, which is free. ClickBank handles the order processing and payment.

Click here to join ClickBank... ClickBank Click here to check out CBMall... CBMall

4. 1stPromotion: 1st promotion is another storefront that offers ClickBank products. Unlike CBMall that offers the top 1997 selling ClickBank products, 1st Promotion offers all the ClickBank products.

There are over 11,000 e-books, software, digital products on Clickbank and 1st Promotion gives you a storefront loaded with all of them at a cost of $79.00 per year. Like CBMalll, you need to join ClickBank (which is free) before getting a storefront.

The storefront will come loaded with some popular affiliate programs, like 1st Promotion also allows you to customize some of the features of the store.

The commissions range from 25% to 75%. You will need to sell 4 products per year at an average price of $100.00 and 50% commission to get your ROI.

Click here to join ClickBank... ClickBank Click here to check out 1st Promotion... 1st Promotion

5. FAST2CASH: Fast2Cash will give you 2 online storefronts for a one time fee of $95.00. You can choose from electronics, women specialty, casino, or books/music/software. With these storefronts, you can market other affiliate programs.

One of the good things about Fast2Cash is that in the first 12 months after you make your choice, you can switch storefront if you are not happy with your initial choice. There is no charge for making this switch.

The commission percent of the merchants you represent range from 2% to 60%. For example, if you choose the casino web site, you can make up to 50% commission on the winnings generated from your casino site. You also make commission if air fares or hotel reservations are made through your web site.

Fast2Cash will also pay you 2 tier income for referring others to sign up. You get 15% of the sales price in the 1st tier and 5% in the 2nd tier. With this, you will get your ROI by your 7th referral. If your referrals refer other people, you will simply be Getting Paid In Full:-)

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