Get Paid To Shop or be a Mystery Shopper or even start your own mystery shopper business....

What's Get Paid To Shop?:

Get Paid To Shop also known as Mystery Shopper is when companies pay you to do just that----SHOP. You see retail businesses or service companies like to know how their employees are treating their customers. It’s their way of doing research on their service and improving what theyoffer or how they offer things to customers.

Companies like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Gap, etc. will usually commission Get Paid To Shopmarket research companies to do this job for them. Who do the market research companies hire to carry out these assignments?

If you said every day consumers or shoppers, you got it. They need the services of every day people like you and meto do the job.

This is a perfect opportunity for extra income seekers like us. All we have to dois sign up with the companies and start getting assignments. You have the freedomto do only the assignments you like or have time for. For that, you can get paidup to $50.00 per hour. Some people are making good money doing this. Below is anow famous quote from a mystery shopper that was printed in the Online Editionof Wall Street Journal:

"Cheers," she said, hoisting a frosty Corona with lime. Tanned and relaxed after playing a few holes, she finished up the beer and ate a cheeseburger. The golf and burgers were all part of the job, as were the strict instructions from her boss to 'consume at least one alcoholic beverage." That was her afternoon. Her morning was spent dress shopping, cashing a check at a bank, and looking at new cars. In the evening she ate dinner with a friend at a, "nice Italian restaurant." Everything she did was a paid job. She made about $300 that day. "Can you believe they call this work?" she asked. And what does this shopper make on a monthly basis? According to The Wall Street Journal, "she made nearly $7,000" in May, 2004.

Can you feel the excitement. I don’t know about you, but I do. Extra income seekers like me lick our chops when we hear something like the above. If youfeel the excitement, you are at the right place. I will point you in the rightdirection so you can start making some serious money as a mystery shopper.

After years of looking, I have found a get paid to shop network I like. This company will connect you with the different companies that are looking for shoppers. You don't have to go around looking. They take all the hassle away for you. You can check them out by clicking this link.

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