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What is Pay Per Play?
If you watch television and/or listen to radio stations, then you have an idea what pay per play is. TV and radio stations rely on advertisements to make money. You watch or listen to their free programs and in exchange they play you some ads. These ads are how they stay in business.

The concept is coming to the internet. Websites and blogs are going to have the ability to do the same thing. If you have a website or blog and choose to have pay per play on it, then your visitors will listen to ads when they visit your site or blog.

This concept will work better for free websites than membership websites. There are webmasters who spend a great deal of time updating their websites and/or blogs. They do so as a labor of love. Some of them rely on visitors clicking on ads for them to make some money with the website or blog.

Now these webmasters don’t have to rely on their website visitors clicking on advertisements any more to get rewarded for their time and efforts. If they put pay per play on their site or blog, the audio ads will play automatically when somebody visits. They then earn money with each play.

Something similar is already happening on the internet. I am noticing that when I visit my favorite sports websites to get updates on my favorite teams, I get blasted with banner ads. For me to get to the information on my teams, I have to click-off these banner ads. It is just a small price to pay to keep getting this free information.

The only drawback I see with this is that it may turn some visitors off. There are people that surf the internet in their cubicles in the office. The idea of being blasted with audio ad will scare them. What better way to let your co-workers know you are surfing the internet than this? So, if you have people that visit your website or blog from the office, you may lose them. You will need to think about this before signing up for pay per play ads. But in the end, I think if they really like your free content, they will learn to turn their speakers down if they know other people can hear these ads.

Below are the affiliate merchants I recommend for pay per play audio ads.

1. NetAudioAds:
Net Audio Ads is the only company right now offering pay per play ads. In fact, it is the pioneer of this concept. There may be others in the future, but Net Audio is currently blazing the trail by itself.

They have lined up some heavyweights on the internet to help them roll this out. They claim to have the backing of a top 5 search engine. This kind of backing could be huge. If it works out, pay per play could change the way we currently see the internet.

Net Audio says they will pay webmasters 3.5 cents per play. The ads will run for only 5 seconds. There is option for 30 second ads for webmasters that want them. Each webpage will only play one ad per visitor. So, customers will not constantly be listening to audio ads while on your page.

If you have a free website or blog, you will be crazy not to check out pay per play. It could be what you need to earn some income for all your efforts and time. Check out Net Audio Ads. Play the video and see for yourself what this is all about. The internet is buzzing on this.

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