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What's Paid to Survey?

Corporations pay market research companies to test their products for them. The test couldbe as simple as getting your opinion on aproduct or service. On the internet, it is usually done by having you fill out forms that take a few minutes.

Thanks to the internet, the market research companies now share the money they get from the corporations with you and me. The savvy market research companies have come to realize that rather than pay employees to call and bug you at home, they can save this money and use it to pay consumers for their opinion on the internet.

This is where you and I come in and grab someof this money. It's all done at our comfortand time. Again, you can use it as a way toearn extra income at home or anywhere thereis a computer connected to the World Wide Web.

There are a lot of websites that promise you willmake $25.00 to $100.00 an hour taking surveys.You will not see those Paid To Survey sites listed here. Thereason is that these sites do not give youdetails until you pay them the membership fee.This makes it difficult to calculate thethe Return On Investment (ROI).

If people can make $25.00 to $100.00, it beatsme why there are people out there doing minimumwage jobs. If these web sites can show me prove,I will be taking surveys every waiting moment ofmy Life. Heck, I may even do surveys in my sleep:-)

The internet is full of get rich quick scams.You have to be careful. I am not saying thesepaid survey sites are scams, but I just do not haveprove on how you can make the amount of moneythey promise.

Here are some of my favorite free Paid To Survey companies and networks:

1. Survey Depot:
Survey depot is one of the top online survey networks on the internet. The strong membership testifies to this. This network was developed by a stay at home mom, who carefully researched the industry to help other people with her years of expereince in the survey business.

She even has live consultants to talk to you. The live consultants are some of her most successful clients. They're experienced survey takers and know the tricks and techniques. Simply put, they will help you become successful also. I really do not have much more to add, other than to check it out for yourself.

2. SurveySavvy: Survey Savvy is a Paid To Survey company that will pay you from $3.00 to $75.00 to take surveys online. On top of this they have a residual income plan.

So far they have paid close to 14 million dollars to their members. You don't have to tell me to join a company paying this much money to members.

You get paid up to 3 levels for your referrals. You get paid $2.00 for the surveys your referrals take. On top of this, they will also pay you $1.00 for the surveys your referral's referral takes. You will get this money for as long all of you are members.

Click the above link to join SurveySavvy.

3. Opinion Surveys

Opinion Surveys is a Paid To Survey company that's taking online survey to a new level. They have hundreds of surveys for you to take everyday. You no longer have to wait for them to e-mail you to take surveys. If you have the time, they have the surveys. All you do is login and start taking surveys.

I absolutely love this login and take surveys approach. I get tired of waiting for some survey companies to e-mail about available survey.

Not only can you make money taking surveys, they also pay you for referring people to them. You can make from $1.15 to $1.50 every time somebody you referred to them completes a survey. Both ways of making money can really add up to a nice extra income.

If you like to make extra income by taking surveys, Opinion Surveys is one of my top recommendations for online surveys right now.

Click the above link or banner to get started.

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