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What's Resale Rights?

This is when you sale products that were developed by other people. The products could be e-books or software.

Essentially, you will buy the right to sell these products. After purchasing the rights, you get to keep 100% of the money you make. There are some that don't allow you to keep the whole money, but most of them allow you to keep most of the money.

You can go out and find your own products to sell or join resale rights membership sites. Joining membership site is the best option. This way you concentrate your efforts to selling rather than looking for products to sell.

Membership web sites also help with the pulling together of resources. They also have tools and aids to help you succeed. You do not and should not have to go it alone. Most of the products will come with ready made web site for you to promote.

Below are my favorite Resale Rights membership websites:

1. BigResale Rights: Big Resale Rights offers a new concept in the resale rights business. While other resale rights websites offer a monthly payment plan to be a member, BigResaleRights offers a ONE TIME payment for membership. This means you make a one time payment and gain LIFETIME ACCESS to a growing list of Master Resale Rights e-books and software.

If you’re not into making a monthly payment to belong to membership sites, this is the solution for you. I liked the concept so much that I joined. I even bought the right to offer the membership to my visitors. If you join BigResaleRights through this website, you’ll get the following:

1. Reduced membership fee. That’s right! Instead of paying the regular one time membership fee of $97.00, you’ll get a $30.00 discount. You only get to pay a ONE TIME LIFETIME membership fee of $67.00.

2. The LIFETIME membership of $67.00 will also give you the Rights to sell membership to BigResaleRights at any price you like.

3. I’ll also give you my Membership Site Profits Pack. This product will teach you how to setup and make profits with membership websites. Check out what you are getting with this bonus here... Membership Sites Profits.

Needless to say, I am excited about BigResaleRights. This is why it has become my number one Resale Rights membership website. Any site that lets me have unlimited access to the products to, USE, SALE, and then Sale Membership Access to the website and KEEP all the money is highly recommended in my book.

Go to this link now to check out BigResaleRights... BigResale Rights

2. Pushbutton Publishing: Pushbutton Publishing is one of the best resale rights membership sites on the internet. The membership fee is $27.00 a month. What comes with this $27.00 membership is simply staggering. You get:

a. PushButton Income! You get a website ready to make you money. Click PB Income to see what your website will look like.

b. Free Web Hosting, with unlimited sub-domains. This means you can set up as many websites under your site as you want.

c. Unlimited Autoresponders and List Hosting

d. Ad Tracking

e. Wholesale Product Locator

f. Internet Marketing Resources

g. E-book of the month

h. Free Membership in InfoProductLab

i. Etc...

Add to the above, you can request that they acquire an e-book or software you want. You also make monthly commission by referring people to Pushbutton Publishing. Their referral program pays to 5 levels.

You must be wondering about your return on investment (ROI). You only have to sell one or two products costing over $27.00 a month to get your return on investment. Pushbutton Publishing allows you to keep 100% of the money you make.

To join, click PushButton Publishing

3. Ebook Wholesaler: Ebook Wholesaler is one of the early players in the resale rights business. They distinguish themselves by making their products and affiliate program exclusive. This means the e-books and affiliate program can only be sold by their members only.

Ebook Wholesaler only deals with e-books, no software. They offer 2 e-books every month.

The cost to join Ebook Wholesaler is $47.00 the first month and $27.00 a month after that.

To get your return on investment (ROI), you will need to sell the two e-books they offer more than $47.00 the first month and more than $27.00 after the first month. The referral program also pays $10.00 a month per referral.

Click the above link to check out Ebook Wholesaler.

4. Reprint Rights Every Month: Reprint Rights Every Month has not been around as the 2 above, but it is still a good resale rights membership site. It offers extensive training that includes audio, unlike the others.

They limit their membership to about 450 per year. This is their way of limiting the number of people selling their e-books. They also promise one exclusive e-book every month. This means this e-book can not be found anywhere else on the internet.

Reprints Rights Every Month monthly membership fee is $29.95. You will need to sell e-book/s that cost at least $30.00 every month to get your Return on Investment (ROI).

They have an affiliate program for members only. This program pays $20.00 (67%) per referral. You get the money along as your referral remains a member.

Click the above link to check them out.

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