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What's Top Programs?

The top programs are the programs that will make you the best and most money. They offer the often talked about and important residual income. You do the work once and get paid for a long time, if not for life.

These programs have multiple income streams. So when you promote them, they offer different things or opportunities to your prospects. One of the opportunities might just strike an accord with your prospects.

If you are pressed for time and money, these are the programs to join to maximize your income. They are the best as of today. Programs here that fail to meet the high standard will be dropped.

Top Programs for Today

1. Pushbutton Publishing: Pushbutton Publishing is one of the top programs and best resale rights membership sites on the internet. The membership fee is $27.00 a month. What comes with this $27.00 membership is simply staggering. You get:

a. PushButton Income! You get a website ready to make you money. Click here (PB Income) to see what your website will look like.

b. Free Web Hosting, with unlimited sub-domains. This means you can set up as many websites under your domain as you want.

c. Unlimited Autoresponders and List Hosting

d. Ad Tracking

e. Wholesale Product Locator

f. Internet Marketing Resources

g. E-book of the month

h. Free Membership to InfoProductLab

i. Etc...

Add to the above, you can request that they acquire an e-book or software you want. You also make monthly commission by referring people to Pushbutton Publishing. Their referral program pays to 5 levels.

You must be wondering about your return on investment (ROI). You only have to sell one or two products costing over $27.00 a month to get your return on investment and your membership is free after you refer 3 people. Pushbutton Publishing allows you to keep 100% of the money you make. This is really one of the top programs for making money on the internet to say the least.

Click PBP to join PushButton Publishing.

2. PLUGINPROFIT: This is one of the best and top programs for making money online. I can’t emphasis this enough. It's 100% free and offers everything you need to earn a part-time or full-time income working from home using nothing more than your computer and a little common sense.

It comes pre-loaded with 360 days auto-responder series. This means your opt-in subscribers will get informative and well written articles for 360 days. If you are new to the internet, you know it is difficult to write your first article. The PluginProfit turnkey web site takes care of that for you.

The site also comes with day by day action guide to success. You follow the guide and you can't go wrong. I can't tell you enough how much I am impressed with mine and the money it is making me.

Please click the above link to join.

3. The 5 Pillar Program: Dr. Ken Evoy, the owner of SiteSell, really knows how to over deliver. He has been able to sell his suite of products through affiliate marketing alone. The affiliates are making money with this top program because the products sell themselves.

Ken has promised his affiliates will keep making money because he plans to close the entry into the affiliate program. This is to keep it from being over saturated.

The 5 Pillar Program pays in 2 tiers. The 1st tier pays up to 30% commission while the 2nd tier pays up to 20%.

The top products in the 5 Pillar Program are:

1. Site Build It

2. Make Your Word Sell

3. Make Your site Sell

4. Make Your Net Auction Sell

5. Make Your Price Sell

6. Make Your Knowledge Sell

Click the above link to join.

Dr. Evoy keeps working to make his products better. To get the latest products developments and updates, click Sitesell Updates

4. SFI Marketing: SFI Marketing has become a global phenomenon. It's one of the top programs that consistently earns top income. It has close to 8 million members and is in over 200 countries.

SFI markets products that are used in everyday life. It represents some of the biggest companies in the world.

There are some concerns that SFI may be over saturated with 8 million members worldwide. But they are making a strong push into Asia, especially India. India alone in Asia has over 1 billion people that one could sell SFI products to or recruit into SFI.

When you join SFI, they you give internet gateways that have very strong sale's copies, with your name on them. All you do is send people to these gateways to check out SFI or buy SFI products.

SFI Marketing has different levels of compensation. To make the most money, you must be Multi Income Qualified (MIQ).

Click the link above to join.

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