Make Extra Income or Money with Residual Income and Lifetime Commission programs....

In a residual Income/Lifetime commission affiliate program, the merchant pays you for the life of the customer you refer. The 2 programs are basically the same with a little difference.

Residual income usually involves paid membership in an affiliate program. The merchant will pay you a percent of the membership fee that your referral pays, for as long as your referral is a member.

Lifetime Commission is a commission a merchant pays you every time your referral buys something. Let's say you are an affiliate of and pays lifetime commission. If you refer somebody to, will pay you a set commission every time the customer comes back to them to buy something.

These types of affiliate programs are very powerful. You do the work once and get paid for life. Some companies have taken it a step further by combining residual income and lifetime commission into one program.

If you really want to supercharge your extra income earning power, you must have residual income and lifetime commission in your plans.

Below are some of the best residual income and lifetime commission programs.

1. The 5 Pillar Program: Dr. Ken Evoy, the owner of SiteSell, really knows how to over-deliver. He has been able to sell his suite of products through affiliate marketing alone. His affiliates are making money because the products sell themselves.

Dr. Evoy has promised his affiliates will keep making money because he plans to close the entry into the affiliate program. This is to keep it from being over saturated.

The 5 Pillar Program pays in 2 tier. The 1st tier pays up to 30% commission while the 2nd tier pays up to 20%.

The top products in the 5 Pillar Program are:

1. Site Build It

2. Make Your Word Sell

3. Make Your site Sell

4. Make Your Price Sell

5. Make Your Knowledge Sell

Click the above link to join this good program.

Dr. Evoy keeps working to make his products better. To get the latest products developments and updates, click Sitesell Updates

2. SFI Marketing: SFI Marketing has become a global phenomenon. It has close to 8 million members and in over 200 countries.

SFI markets products that are used in everyday Life. It represents some of the biggest companies in the world.

There are some concerns that SFI may be over saturated with 8 million members worldwide. But they are making a strong push into Asia, especially India. India alone in Asia has over 1 billion people that one could sell SFI products to or recruit into SFI.

When you join SFI, they you give internet gateways that have very strong sale's copies, with your name on them. All you do is send people to these gateways to check out SFI products.

SFI Marketing has different levels of compensation. To make good money, you must be Multi Income Qualified (MIQ).

Click the SFI link to join.

3. GetResponse Auto-Responder: GetResponse is simply becoming the leader in the auto-responder industry. Other than the fact that I love the product, the so called internet gurus swear by it.

GetResponse has a 2 tier residual income affiliate program. The 1st tier pays 20% while the 2nd tier pays 10%.

Click the above link to join GetResponse.

4. needs little explanation. They revolutionized online shopping. Little is known about their early work in affiliate programs.'s affiliate program is one anyone looking for extra income should join. The reason is that when people have a need to learn more about anything, the first thing they look for is a book. And we all know is the destination for most people shopping for books online. will pay you 15% commission for anybody you refer to them that buys something. They will also pay you 5% commission every time the person comes back to buy.

Click the link to join their affiliate program.

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