Get Paid To Eat or be a Mystery Shopper or even start your own mystery shopper business....

What's Get Paid To Eat?:

Get Paid To Eat is when companies pay you to eat. Restaurants like to know how their employees like waiters or waitress are treating their customers. It’s their way of doing research on their service or food.

A restaurant like Shoney’s will usually commission Get Paid To Eat market research companies to do this job for them. Market research companies hire people like you and me to carry out these assignments?

This is a perfect opportunity for extra income seekers like us. All we have to do is sign up with the companies and start getting assignments. You have the freedom to do only the assignments you like or have time for. For that, you can get paid up to $30.00 per hour. You can make good money doing this.

Below are list of Paid To Eat companies. Unlike companies that charge you membership, these companies are free to join.

1. Restaurant Evaluators Restaurant Evaluators is a paid to eat company that specializes in the hospitality industry – restaurants, catering, and hotels. They deliver value by applying their strong industry knowledge and expertise in food, integrity, sales and service to the hospitality field. The customer feedback they provide their clients helps them improve service. You’ll help them provide this feedback and get paid for it. Check them out.

2. CoyleHospitalityGroup Coyle Hospitality Group is a get paid to eat company that also specializes In the hospitality industry. They mainly target upscale restaurants and Hotels. If you enjoy upscale dinning or like to join that crowd, this is The company for you. Imagine dining in upscale restaurants and being Paid for it. The only thing is that most of their clients are in the big cities, like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. If you live around a bid city, I suggest you check them out.

3. Mystery Guest Inc Mystery Guest, Inc. is a paid to eat national market research company headquartered in Winter Park, Florida. Established in 1992, the company services for select Fortune 500 companies They require you to complete all observation surveys on the Web site using your username and password for access. Some shoppers may be asked to fax in their receipt as verification and all shoppers are cautioned to keep their receipts handy until after they receive their Mystery Guest reimbursement check the next month.

Check to see what they have to offer.

If you would like to learn how to start your own paid to eat or mystery shopper business, check out this e-book. You will glad you did. Mystery Shopper E-Book

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