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What’s Domain Name?

In the online world, domain name is basically yourbusiness name. It usually reads www.yourdomainname.com, where yourdomainname is the name you make up.

After you make up the name, you will need to go to a domain name registrar to make sure somebody else has not registered the name before you. When you do this, you will be amazed at the domain names that have been registered. Some people just register the names with intent to sale them in the future for profit.

When you go to the domain name registrar’s website, you need to do a search on your chosen domain name. If the name is available, you get a message saying so.At that point, you need to follow the directions toget the name registered. Otherwise, you will get a message saying the name is not available.

If the name is not available, you will need to comeup with another name. The search result will suggestsome variations of your chosen name.

For a domain name that’s not available, you can do awhois lookup to see who owns the name. If you are thatmuch interested in the name, you can contact the ownerto see if they will sell it to you. Personally, Iprefer coming up with another variation of the nameI’m interested in.

Below are some websites to get domain name registered: 1. GreatDomainia: GreatDomainia is a domain registration company. It offers different services, like multilingual domain name registration. This means you can register name in English and say Chinese.

GreatDomainia allows you to register up to 30 domains at the same time and you can also transfer domain name you registered with another company to them.

As of this writing, GreatDomiania charges about $29.97 for one year domain registration. You will need to make at least $30.00 your first year to cover this cost (ROI).

Click the above link to check them out.

2. Register.com: Register.com is a domain registration company you can use to register your domain. They charge $35.00 per year for each domain you register with them. You will need to make at least $35.00 per year to cover your cost of registering with them.

Click the above link to check them out.

3. TeknonDomains: TeknonDomains is notable for the low cost of registering domain with them. They are currently running a special. You pay only $6.95 for a one year domain registration with them. You will onlyneed to make $7.00 a years on your web site toget your Return on Investment (ROI).

Check out TeknonDomains.

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