Make Extra Income or Money with Pay Per Lead Programs

What's Pay Per Lead?

Pay Per Lead is when you refer sales lead to a merchant. In the world of the internet, this means sending the customer to the merchant's web site. For your effort in sending this sales lead, the merchant pays you commission.

The customer does not have to buy anything for you to be paid. But the customer usually has to show interest. In the internet world, this usually means filling out a form on the merchant's web site requesting more information.

The following are my recommended Pay Per Lead merchants:

1. CommissionSoup: Commission Soup is an affiliate network that specializes in financial products. One of their unique features is that they match the customer's application to the merchant that best meets the customer's profile. This helps increase the conversion ration. This means more money for you.

Commission Soup pays as high as $45.00 for each sales lead. They will also pay you $5.00 for referring other affiliates. Click the above link to check out Commission Soup.

2. CommissionJunction: Commission Junction is an affiliate network that has different affiliate models for you to choose from. They offer Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Action, and Pay Per Impression. You have to be approved by a merchant before you can become an affiliate of that merchant.

Their pay rate depends on the program model and/or merchant you choose. Commission Junction will also pay you for referrals. They pay you $2.00 for each referral and 5% for any sales your referrals make. Click the Commission Junction link to join.

3. Focalex: Focalex is an online double opt-in subscription company that pays you to help them land subscribers. They have all kinds of newsletter people can subscribe to. Focalex also has popunders and tell a friend programs.

For bringing subscribers, Focalex will pay you $0.40. They will also pay you 2 tier for referring other webmasters. Check out Focalex.

4. The AffiliateNetwork: The Affiliate Network is a Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale affiliate company. You can promote them through e-mail and/or on your own web site.

The payment varies depending on the merchant/s you are promoting. They will also pay you $10.00 for other affiliates you send their way.

Affilliate Network has a 5% bonus for their super affiliates. Super Affiliates are those affiliates that make $5000.00 or more a month.

Make money from the Afiliate Network by clicking the above link to join.

5. CyberBounty: Cyber Bounty is a pay per lead network. You can promote them through e-mail and/or your own web site.

Becoming their affiliate entitles you to a freebie web site. The web site is full of things customers can try for free.

The beauty of the Cyber Bounty freebie web site is that all you do is link to it. They are responsible for updates. This will free you to do other things and also solves the problem of dead links.

There payment varies depending on the merchant the person you referred chooses. Their pay is 3 Tier. You get 10% for your referrals and another 3% for your referral's referral.

On top of the above, Cyber Bounty maintains a mailing list of those that sign up for things through you. They mail offers to this mailing list with your link embedded so that you make commission if the customer buys anything.

This is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet. Click the Cyber Bounty link to check it out.

6. InstantLeads: Instant Leads is a company that generates business opportunity leads. They sell leads in bulk at reasonable prices. Because of their low prices, they get a lot of repeat customers, which can be good money for you if you referred the customer.

Instant Leads commission is 50% in 2 tier. The beauty is that you can select the percent you want for each tier. This means you can select to get paid 30% for your 1st tier and 20% on the 2nd tier.

You can change the percentages from month to month. If you don't make a selection, they pay 25% for 1st tier and another 25% for the 2nd tier. This is simply one of the best on the internet. I recommend you join by clicking the above link.

7. DirectResponse: Direct Response is a quality affiliate network. They have an ad rotation software that rotates different ads and companies on your web site.

Direct Response is not for small web sites. They require about 3000 unique visitors per day for webmasters that join their program.

If your web site meets this requirement, you can count on a very reliable affiliate network, with different affiliate programs. They offer pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale, etc.

For their pay per lead affiliate program, they pay $2.00 for each referral. They also pay 10% of the income your referrals generate. Click the link to check it out.

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