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What's Pay Per Sale?

Pay Per Sale also known as Pay Per Action is when you get paid a commission for referring people to merchants. The person you referred has to buy something for you to get paid.

This affiliate program pays the most commission percent of all the affiliate programs. This is because it has the lowest conversion ratio.

The merchants really have to be on their job in order for the customer to buy.

I recommend you choose merchants that have the products that people want and use. You should also check their sales pitch to see how convincing they are. Otherwise you could be spending your time, effort, and money with nothing to show for it.

Below are some good Pay Per Sale companies:

1. CommissionJunction: Commission Junction is an affiliate network that has different affiliate models for you to choose from. They offer Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Action or Sale, and Pay Per Impression. You have to be approved by a merchant before you can become an affiliate of that merchant.

Their pay rate depends on the program model and/or merchant you choose. Commission Junction will also pay you for referrals. They pay you $2.00 for each referral and 5% for any sales your referrals make.

Click the above link to check them out.

2. OneAndOnly: One and Only is a dating service company. They have two web sites and you can choose to promote one or both. They have banner ads that could be rotated on your web site.

One and Only will pay you $10.00 for a month membership, $20.00 for a 3 month membership, $30.00 for a 6 month membership, and $40.00 for a 12 month membership. They also add a 2 tier payment after you reach 50 referrals.

Check them out for details.

3. QuinStreet: Quin Street is an affiliate network that offers Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale programs. Unlike some affiliate programs that require you have a web site, Quin Street only requires you have an e-mail address.

Quin Street commission goes as high as 25% per sale. They have quality merchants, like the University of Phoenix (the world leader in distant learning).

Click the Quin Street link to check it out.

4. LinkShare: LinkShare is an affiliate network that is affiliated with a lot of Fortune 500 companies, like Wal-mart, Dell Computer, 1-800-Flowers, etc. The only thing is that they have one of the longest affiliate forms I have seen to date.

With LinkShare you get to choose which merchants you want to represent. The commission varies from merchant to merchant.

I recommend you check them out.

5. clixGalore: clixGalore is a global affiliate network that offers Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale. They have over 2300 merchants, which shows their global presence.

clixGalore has some unique structures. One of them is that they have easy entry structure that attracts small size merchants. The second is that they collect money upfront from their merchants.

If a merchant doesn't pay, their ad will not run. This protects the web site owner from merchants that sometimes refuse to pay.

clixGalore payment structure varies from merchant to merchant.

Click the clixGalore link to join.

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