Affiliate-Referral programs for making extra income/money....

What's Affiliate-Referral Programs?

Affiliate-Referral Programs are when you get into the business or program to refer people to companies to make money.The companies have different ways (which I cover below) they can pay you.

Some companies will give you internetgateways (web sites) to do this. But thebeauty is that you do not even need thisto be successful in referral programs.

You can do it through e-mail or ezine.And there is no reason you cannot do all methods.

All you have to do is include a link inyour e-mail or ezine. When/if the peopleread the e-mail or ezine and click onthe link, you get paid or have a chanceto make money. These are some of the best online Home Business you will ever find.

The different programs I recommend are: Pay Per Play ,where you are paid for visitors listening to audio ads on your website, Pay Per Click ,where you are paid for the the clicks made by your referrals, Pay Per Lead ,where you are paid for sending leads to companies, Pay Per Sale ,where you are paid when your leads buy from companies, and Residual Income and Lifetime Commission ,where you are paid for the life of the customers in the program you refer.


The follow up guide is to help you get started. It is a step by step procedure to help you get the most out of this section.

In this Affiliate/Referral section, here are the steps you need to take to get started:

1. Choose 1-3 Pay Per Click program/s that sound most interesting to you and join.

2. Choose 1-3 Pay Per Lead program/s that sound most interesting to you and join.

3. Choose 1-3 Pay Per sale program/s that sound most interesting to you and join.

4. Choose 1-3 Residual Income/Lifetime Commission program/s that sounded most interesting or rewarding to you and join.

5. Be sure to write down on a piece of paper your username and password for each program you join. You should get confirmation e-mail with this information, but you can't be too sure.

6. Start using the programs and make yourself extra income or money. Remember most of them are free to join and you get your Return On Investment (ROI) in little or no time for those that charge money. Also remember that referring other people to the programs you join supercharges your earning.

7. As you become familiar with them and gain more experience, you can join more programs.

Go Make Extra Income! Stop Procrastinating! :-)

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