Get Free Car as a way to reduce expenses and/or cut the family budget....

What's Free Car?:

Free car is when companies give you a car free to drive to do your daily business. The car will have advertisement wrapped around it. So as you drive around, people see these advertisements.

Companies usually contract advertisement companies that specialize in this type of promotion. This form of advertising is usually cheaper than any other type of advertising when you compare the cost of the ad and the number of people that see the car with the ad.

This type of program is perfect for people that cannot afford to buy their own car. I know there are people out there that don’t work because they don’t have the car to get to their jobs. This type of program is perfect for them. It’s also a good way to cut down on your expenses.

The requirements to qualify for this program is that you be 18 years of age and have a valid drivers license. Some companies will also require that you insure the car.

Most of the free car companies are based in the United States and Europe. So, this is another program where visitors of this website from other countries are out of luck.

There are a lot of websites on the internet charging money to get access to sign up for these programs. You won’t see any of those websites here. Most of the time, the information in the members area get outdated soon after you pay them. Some of them don’t even offer refund once they get your money.

Below are my recommended free car companies:

1. AdWraps: AdWraps currently has free cars in California and is rapidly expanding to the rest of the USA and Canada. Their waiting period is usually 1 week to 2 years. So, the earlier you apply the quicker you can get a car.

AdWraps advertisers pick the drivers they like from their database. After you are picked, you’ll be sent details of the promotion. At that time, you have the right to agree or refuse the promotion.

I suggest you check them out.

2. AdSmart AutoAds: AdSmart AutoAds is a free car company that will wrap a brand new Nissan Xterra or a Volkswagen Beetle in an aestheticly pleasing advertisement and then give you the car to drive for FREE. This unique situation enables companies to advertise in an innovative manner while providing a new car to drivers FREE of charge!

The only costs that drivers are responsible for are insurance and fuel. Drivers must purchase the insurance through AdSmart AutoAds to ensure that the vehicle is properly insured.

In exchange for receiving a vehicle free of charge, you agree to drive the vehicle an average of 1100 miles a month and wash the vehicle twice per month. Drivers must also make their vehicles available once a month for a visual inspection.

I recommend you check them out.

3. Free Car Media: FreeCar Media is a free car company that’s revolutionizing how consumers and advertisers interact by providing a fresh and exciting advertising venue while providing a means for people to drive for free.FreeCar is advertising supported. Advertisers choose the drivers they want based on the information you provide them. You don’t have to pay a cent to participate in the program.

If advertisers choose you, you will receive a new car, wrapped in an attractive advertisement, to use for two years.The more information they can give advertisers about you, the easier it is for the adverisers to choose you to receive a free car.

Check them out....

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