Free Money Ideas, Tips, and Secrets to make extra money....

What's Free Money?

This is money you make without spending your own money. All that's required to make this money is your time.

In the world of the internet, there are companies that will pay you to surf the net by doing things like reading e-mail and taking online surveys. The money here is not as big as the other programs I will reveal later, but it can pay for a few things.

I make a few extra income using these ideas. And I do it while watching my favorite programs on TV. Just imagine, I am making money while watching TV.

Isn't the Internet grand? :-)

To truly make the most money in any of these programs, you have to refer other people to them. Some of them pay residual income (which I cover later) to you for referring people to them.

Even the ones that don't pay residual income, can really add up if you work at them.

My favorite program is:

Paid To Survey , where companies pay you to take survey.


The follow up guide is to help you get started. It is a step by step procedure to help get the most out of this section.

In this section, here are the steps you need to take to get started:

1. Choose 1-3 Get Paid To Take Survey program/s that sound most interesting to you and join.

2. Be sure to write down on a piece of paper your username and password for each program you join. You should get confirmation e-mail with this information, but you can't be too sure.

3. Start using the programs and make yourself extra income. Remember they are all free to join and allow you to make money at home or anywhere you have access to a computer. Also, remember that referring other people to the programs you join supercharges your earning.

Go Make Extra Income! Stop Procrastinating! :-)

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