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What’s Web Hosts?

These are the people that will house your domain, hence the name hosts. On the internet, the house is a computer server. So they own a server that will host the website you create. Your host will make your website live to the internet community.

Choosing one is one of the most important decisions you will make when you decide to have your own website. A bad host can wreck havoc on your business. These are the important things to consider when choosing a web host.

1. Do they have good customer support? You need customer support that will respond to problems in hours not days. This makes it essential that the support be 24/7. You can’t make money if your website is offline. Worst yet, you may even lose current customers if they can’t find your site after a few tries.

2. You need a minimum of 30 meg of web space. The ideal web space for big sites these days is 300 megs.

3. You need 10 gig of data transfer. This will allow hundreds of people to download information from your website without any problems.

4. You should have the ability to view your website statistics. This will help with your marketing because the stats will let you know how people are finding your website. You can fine tune your marketing based on it.

5. You should have the ability to install scripts. Scripts allow you to automate your online business. Even if you are not tech savvy right now, you can learn or have somebody do it for you.

6. A good host should also have the ability to support unlimited autoresponders. Autoresponder is critical for keeping in touch with your customers.

Based on the above criteria, below are the hosts I recommend. They each have unique features. Let what brings the most benefit to what you are doing guide which one you choose.

1. Site Build It!: Site Build It! (SBI as it’s popularly known on the internet) is more than a website hosting company. It’s an all in one site building, site hosting, and site marketing hosting company. You do not have to know HTML to build a website with SBI. They back up what they offer by the following results:

1. 51% of SBI sites rank in the top 6% of the most popular websites on the internet.

2. 30% of SBI websites rank in the 3% of the most popular sites on the internet.

3. 17% of their sites rank in the 2% of the most popular sites on the net.

The above numbers just blow you away. And they challenge other web hosts to match it. I think Dr. Ken Evoy (owner of SBI) has found the formula for online success. He gives you the now famous Action Guide. Successful SBI owners guarantee that if you follow the Action Guide, you will find your own success.

SBI cost $495.00 for 15 months. They are currently offering $100.00 rebate, which drops the price to $395.00 for 15 months. This equates to $26.33 per month. You will need to make at least $27.00 per month to get your Return On Investment (ROI).

SBI offers money back guarantee and comes with a free domain registration. Click the above link to check out SBI!

2. Website Wizard: Website Wizard promises you will have a profit pulling website in 24 hours or less. The website will have all the bells and whistles, like shopping cart, credit card processing, affiliate program, etc. All these without you having to learn HTML.

The owner of GetResponse Autoresponder owns Website Wizard. The GetResponse Autoresponder is one of the best on the internet. He is offering a free 30 days use of his autoresponder pro (plus other bonuses) with the purchase of Website Wizard.

Website Wizard costs $359.40 per year or $29.95 per month. They are currently offering $100.40 off the one year price. This makes the price $259.00 or $21.58 a month. You will need to make $22.00 a month to get your Return On Investment.

They back up their offer with a money back guarantee. They also have free domain registration. Click the above link to check out Website Wizard.

3. Host4Profit: Host4Profit comes with the usual 300 meg of web space, 10 gig of web traffic, unlimited autoresponders, etc., like any serious web host. There are two things that distinguish them from other hosts.

1. One of them is the WarriorPro private membership website. You become a member with your Host4Profit web hosting account. The site has over 30,000 members and has most of the gurus in the business as members.

They say if you want to parley with the gurus, you join them where they congregate. The way some people see it is that since they need a web host anyway, they may as well get the one that allows them parley with the gurus.

2. Host4profit also offers sub domains. If you want to market related products, it will save you money if you do it through sub domains. You don’t have to go through the hassle of registering another domain name and getting another web host.

A Host4Profit account cost $24.95 per month. You will need to make at least $25.00 per month to get your Return On Investment (ROI).

Click the above link to check out Host4Profit.

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