Pay Per Click Programs To Help You Make Extra Money

What's Pay Per Click?

Pay per click is a program that allows you to make money when visitors to your web site click on a banner or link. This click will usually take them to your merchant partner's web site. For bringing them to their web site, your merchant partner will pay you money.

Your merchant partner will try to sell the visitor you sent their way something. But you get paid if they succeed or not. The amount you are paid can vary from $0.01 to $.40 and can be different from merchant to merchant.

You can also make money in referral or affiliate program by recruiting others to join the program.

Without further ado, here are some of the best pay per click companies.

1. Google AdSense: Google took the internet advertising world by storm with their latest pay per click advertising model. Instead of just displaying ads on their search engine, they now supply webmasters ads to display on their websites.

Webmasters get paid if people visit their sites and click the ads. The ads match the content of the web page they are displayed on.

Now webmasters without dip pockets can make money on the internet. All they have to do is develop website with good content and drive traffic to the website. If the site visitors find any of the ads interesting and click, the webmaster makes money.

Google keeps their payment structure secret. But a lot of webmasters are reporting earning good money from this program.

If you have a content website, check out Google Adsense. It may just be your ticket to making extra income.

If you don't have a website or building a new one, SiteBuildIt is the best tool for building a website that uses AdSense. Dr. Ken Evoy (the owner of SiteBuildIt) knows a lot about AdSense. His now famous daughter makes good sum of money a month using AdSense.

Click the SiteBuildIt link above to see how it can set you on the way to online success. Also click the Google AdSense link to see how you can use it to make money.

2. SearchFeed:
SearchFeed is a pay per click company that uses the search model. The way it works is that you place their search box on your website. When visitors to your website do a search on your website and click on the search results, you make money.

They pay from 35%-50% of the amount they collect from their advertisers. The percent varies based on your website traffic. The more traffic you send their way, the more money they pay you.

They also pay you for referring advertisers or partners to them. They currently 5%-7% for each advertiser you send them and 2%-%% for each partner you send them.

Click the link above to join SearchFeed.

3. DirectLeads: Direct Leads is an affiliate network and is one of the best. As an affiliate network, they have banners and/or links for different companies that you can rotate on your web site. One of the rotations may strike an accord with your web site visitor and this can lead to a click. It offers both pay per click and pay lead programs.

Direct Lead will pay you from $0.05 to $0.15 per click. It will also pay you $2.00 for every affiliate you refer to them and 10% commission on what the affiliate makes. Click the above link to check them out.

4. BClick: BClick is a pay per click affiliate network that pays $0.12 to $0.17 per click for each unique visitor. This means they pay for one click from each IP address in a 24 hour period.

BClick will also pay you for referrals. They pay for every affiliate you refer and $0.01 for each click they make. Click the above to check out BClick.

5. Value Click: Value Click is an advertising solutions provider. It currently pays $0.06 per unique address clickthrough to their advertiser's web sites. They define unique address as a click from an IP address in a 6 hour period.

Value Click will also pay you for referrals. They pay $0.01 for click through to their advertiser's web sites that comes from the sites you referred. Click the above link to check them out.

6. Affiliate Fuel: Affiliate Fuel is an advertising network. The deal with Affiliate Fuel is that your web site must generate up to 2000 unique visitors a day to qualify for their program. If your web site meets this requirement, they promise to pay an average of $0.12 per click.

They also have a referral program. For every referral you send their way, they pay you $2.00. They will also pay you 5% of your referral's earning. Please check out the details.

7. LinkSponsor: Link Sponsor specializes in placing links on your web site. Their promise is that the links will not be annoying to your visitors.

For placing links on your web site, Link Sponsor will pay you from $0.02 to $0.20 depending on the advertiser. They rotate advertisers randomly.

Link Sponsor also has a referral program. For everyone of your referrals, they pay you 10% of what the referral earns. Click the above link to check out Link Sponsor.

8. Shareasale: Shareasale is an affiliate network and has over 600 merchants. The beauty is you decide which merchants you want to promote. Their pay range is from $0.01 to $0.10.

Shareasale has a referral program. They pay $1.00 for each referral. On top on that, they pay you 5% of that affiliate's earnings. They will also pay you $100.00 for referring merchants to them. Click the Shareasale link above to join.

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