Simple Information Products That Sell Like Wildfire!

Put your hand up if you think infoproducts take months, even years to develop?

Hold that thought!

Remember your parents or teachers telling you to "try harder", "spend more time at it", "work harder", "be dedicated".

You rarely heard them say "work smarter, not harder" or " focus on the low lying fruit first"

Fact is, there are many people working their butts off, but rarely does that impressive effort lead to success, achievement or happiness.

I'm not advocating taking short-cuts - that doesn't work either - just ask the bank robber who hasn't seen his kids for over a year.

Rather - use your noggin for what it was designed for - understanding the world around us, where we fit into it and what people need and want to live in society.

By choosing infoproduct topics that make use of your knowledge AND that appeal to high demand, you can quickly turn your dreams into solid financial returns.

Here are 10 rapidfire infoproducts you could create within weeks - some within hours. How many do you think you could write?

1. 10 Ways to House Train Your Dog

2. Surefire Methods of Potty Training

3. 5 Off the Beaten Path Travel Destinations in X (Fill In the destination of your choice)

4. How to build your own online photo album

5. Everything you need to know to clean your computer from adware

6. What you need to know to protect your children online

7. How to overcome (enter any hardship you've had here)

8. Discover magical techniques for getting job promotions

9. 100 "comfort" recipes that "warm" up your family's kitchen

10. Caring for your fish


Have you noticed the demand for information on pets? It's incredible. The term "fish" had over 170,000 hits last month, has numerous Pay-Per-Click campaigns and has a very good supply/demand ratio.

Same goes for "fish video" and "care of fish" keywords.

Travel books is another area where demand is very high. Even more interesting is the increasing demand for travel information from first-hand experience rather than canned travel propaganda.

Computer security and care of your computer are also very strong demand topics with strong emotional desire built in.

A terrific way to discover niche markets, immediately know the supply/demand ratio online and even understand where to best market those products is Adword Analyzer - I use it every week -


While you may be hard pressed to write a 200-page eBook on any one of these topics, how about a 20-page Special Report, a monthly $10 newsletter, or a giveaway eBook that contains links to products that already exist - where you earn referral income from anyone who purchases from your report?

Do you know, or could you easily find someone who's hobby is cooking, raising pets, security, computers, or any number of high demand fields who you could spend 1-hour interviewing?

To find out how easy developing profitable 20-page special Reports really can be, here's the bible...


What do you think is easier, creating a $47 eBook that sells 2130 copies OR...

Creating 6 $27 Special Reports that sell 350 copies each and one newsletter at $97/yr ($8/month) that sells 500 subscriptions?

Accomplishing either option will earn you approximately $100,000/yr - though in reality having you own product allows you to earn income in many other ways including: consulting, interviews, affiliate referrals, newsletter, back-end sales, etc...

So next time you get overwhelmed, become frustrated with your lack of progress, then find a small niche and develop a quick infoproduct that you can start marketing within days!

About the author:

You REALLY CAN create your own income-generating infoproducts! Finding high-demand topics that buyers are looking for TODAY is the secret. Here's how you can make your personal fortune with ebooks, special reports, membership sites, and infoproducts.

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