How To Use Free Ad Websites For Profits....

Do you lack the advertising budget of the gurus? Are you struggling to put your product or website in front of customers?

It’s a good thing you found this article. This article will share with you one of the free ways I use to put my products and websites in front of my customers.

I use free ad websites to advertise quite a bit. Like some of you, I don’t have big ad budget. I have found free ad websites handy in my internet pursuit.

When I say free ad website, I do not mean Free For All (FFA) websites. FFA websites were once effective way of advertising on the internet, but people have abused them so much that they are now of no value. I suggest you stay away from them.

You still see a lot of them around because newbies still fall for them. When I was a newbie, I did fall for them. The horror I wish not to discuss

Below are the benefits of free ad websites and how they can put money in your pocket:

a) The good ones have high traffic and are highly ranked in the search engines. So people will get to see what you are selling as they visit these highly ranked websites. If you have a good ad, your product will sell.

b) They provide backlinks to your website. Backlinks help your website rank high in the search engines.

c) Some of them have good pagerank and can transfer some their pagerank to your website. If you don’t know what pagerank is, don’t worry. The only thing you need to know is that it helps your website’s ranking in the search engines.

d) Since the search engines highly regard some of the good ones, your ad can rank high in the search engines. I had this happen top me. The ad for my website was ranked higher than my website. This will translate into sales when people looking for your product visit your website.

Do not discount the effectiveness of free ad websites. The method is so highly effective that I know an e-book on the market right now teaching this method and similar methods. It sells for some pretty pennies. I cover this method and more in my Zero Cost Profits report (see my resources box below).

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