The free traffic exchange tools to boost your web site traffic

What's Traffic Exchange?

Traffic exchanges are tools you can use to drive traffic to your site for free. Free traffic will not get you a lot of sales. In fact most experienced internet marketers will tell you to avoid them, but they can be used in other ways to your advantage.

You can use it to brand yourself on the internet. The more you and your website get seen on the web, the better. Before long people will begin to recognize your name and the things you have to offer.

The advise is to sign up for more than one free traffic tool. This is to get different crowds seeing you and your offer.

If you have more than one web site, the best strategy is to sign up for Web-Dawg account. Web-Dawg will give a rotator to pro members for free to rotate their websites. You can also get good referral income using Web-Dawg.

Here are some good free traffic hit tools:

1. TrafficSwarm: TrafficSwarm will send one visitor to your web site for every of their members site you see. They are currently offering 100 bonus credit for signing up. Even the gurus say TrafficSwarm is the best free traffic source on the internet.

2. Web-Meld: Web-Meld is a 2:1 traffic exchange. This means they send one visitor to your site for two member sites you see.

They have 30 sign on credits. You can also get 100 credits for referring others.

3. The WebBizInsider traffic exchange is currently ranked number 1 for sending the most unique visitors to websites. It's a 1:1 exchange.

You get 100 sign up bonus. They also have referral program.

4. AutoHitsInfo: AutoHitsInfo will send 7 visitors for every 10 web sites you view. They have 750 visitors sing up bonus.

5. TrafficRacer is an autosurf traffic exchange. You get 1 credit for every website you surf.

They offer 5000 hits for you to join. They also offer 2500 to refer others to them.

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